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2012 2013
11-16-12 GHB Appoints Laurence R. Marchini III as Chief Lending Officer 12-11-13 GHB Names Peter Abt As Commercial Loan Officer 
11-16-12 GHB Appoints Nicole J. Bartuccelli As Chief Credit Officer 10-30-13 GHB Third Quarter Earnings Release 
11-15-12 GHB Declares Dividend, First In Company History 10-24-13 GHB Declares Dividend of Five Cents Per Share 
11-06-12 Third Quarter Earnings Release 2012  10-4-13 GHB announces Edward Lutz as president and chief executive officer 
10-04-12 Greater Hudson Bank partners with WHUD's Mike Bennett  07-23-13 GHB Residential Mortgages 
7-24-2012 Second Quarter Earnings Release 2012  07-22-13 GHB 2Q 2013 Earning Release 
6-20-2012 GHB Appoints Lynne C. Allan to Board of Directors  05-13-13 GHB Signs Partnership with Newtek Business Services  
6-20-2012 GHB Appoints Nicole Bartuccelli as Sr. Loan Administration Officer  05-09-13 GHB Welcomes Damiane Doyle as Commercial Loan Officer 
05-31-12 Greater Hudson Bank Opens Fifth Location  4-30-13 First Quarter Earnings Release 2013 
04-25-2012 First Quarter Earnings Release 2012  1-31-13 Fourth Quarter Earnings Release 2012
03-05-2012 GHB Announces Latest Expansion Plan  1-22-13 GHB Promotes Shannon Boyle To Vice President 
02-10-2012 GHB Gains Momentum Focusing on Personalized Local Banking   
01-25-2012 GHB reports record results from operations   
2010 2011
11-23-2010 GHB reports Record Profit for the Third Quarter 2010 11-09-2011 Greater Hudson Bank reports increased earnings for 3rd Quarter 2011
08/02/2010 GHB reports Record Profit for Second Quarter 2010 08-08-2011 GHB Reports Increased earnings for Both Three and Six Months Ending June 30, 2011
06/02/2010 GHB Expands into Westchester 05-10-2011 Greater Hudson Bank reports increased profits for First Quarter 2011
05/12/2010 GHB reports Record Profit for the 2010 First Quarter 02/07/2011 Greater Hudson Bank reports Record Profit for the Fourth Quarter 2010
05/10/2010 Thomas F. Egan joins Board at Greater Hudson Bank  
02-23-2010 GHB reports Profitable Fourth Quarter and Year End  
02/12/2010 GHB names F. Thomas Cornelius as Chief Financial Officer  
2008  2009
12/04/2008 GHB Announces Third Quarter Loss on Higher Credit Loss Reserve 11-04-2009 GHB Reports Second Consecutive Quarterly Profit
11-06-2008 GHB gets New Ticker Symbol 08/19/2009 GHB names F. Thomas Cornelius as Controller
10-28-2008 CBO Announces Name Change to Greater Hudson Bank 07/30/2009 GHB Reports First Profitable Quarter in Bank's History
10-13-2008 CBO gains OCC approval for new location 05/22/2009 GHB Reports First Quarter Results
10-13-2008 CBO Completes Recapitalization Transaction 04/20/2009 FDIC Insurance offers expanded protection of your deposits 
09-22-2008 CBO names Lynne C. Allan as Chief Operating Officer 02/17/2009 GHB Reports Fourth Quarter End Of Year Results
08-25-2008 CBO names Gregory Monteith as Chief Lending Officer  
08-12-2008 CBO names Eric J. Wiggins as Chief Executive Officer